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Like any cartoon, Ben's World began as a thought
One day, Mike was sitting outside in his garden, wondering what to do next, when he heard a voice say: 'Ben's World'. Mike looked around. There was no one there; not even an alien! Fortunately, Mike eventually discovered who Ben was.
Ben was very impressed and thought it might be a good idea to do a cartoon strip. Gordon and Lucy thought so too. So Ben and Mike went off to see John, who just happened to have a new pen that could draw everything in 'Ben's World'. Ben told Mike and John what to write and draw and very soon 'Ben's World' came to be a cartoon strip.

Although it isn't very easy to get anyone to take a new comic strip, even one done by Ben, eventually, after a lot of hard work, Ben's World first appeared in the Wolverhampton Express and Star and has since appeared in papers in London and Australia and, most recently, in the Gloucestershire Post and Gloucestershire Echo.


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